diebarsign.JPGBack to Germany we drove and on this clean chilly night we pulled into the famous Die Bar in the small village of Schwalmstadt. Our predecessors Mezklah and VBC had raved about Die Bar: the kindness of the owners, the refrigerator of beer that sits next to the stage — it was all true. Although the bar didn’t get very full we had a great time playing. The house amp was a huge Marshall, and the excitement of being reunited with my guitar meant that I really rocked out and played some heavy guitar solos. It sounded great and musically, it was one of my favorite shows of the tour. We hung out a good while afterwards and made some friends. This one kid schooled me for real in foosball — Germans are crazy about foosball. I never knew the game could be played with such subtlety and skill. Steve, our host, kept plying us with shots of Jagermeister, which tasted a surprising lot better than I had remembered it. We learned and forgot many useful German phrases.

We were taken back to Steve’s house to sleep by a Cozy fireplace and in the morning were treated to a lavish German breakfast with Steve’s girlfriend and his niece. When Steve’s niece went out to play she put on a bonafide little red riding hood. When I remarked on this Steve’s girlfriend told me that we were in the heart of Grimm Brothers country and that the road into town is called Fairy Tale Road. We took this Fairy Tale Road back to the highway and headed to Chemnitz.