oberageri.JPGNew Year’s Eve in Oberageri, a small town on a small lake nestled in the Swiss hills, not far from Zurich. Freddy’s friends, Gunther and Corrine own a beautiful pub there called the Limon Bistro. For a long time, Gunther and Corrine had lived on the Yucatan Peninsula, running a small hostel for travelers. Limon Bistro has a funky tropical vibe that they’ve managed to import to the chilly Alps. After sound-checking, we and a bunch of Oberageri friends were treated to a 5-course New Year’s meal that Gunther and Corrine had prepared themselves: word!

We had a great time: we saw that Gunther had Mezklah and Very Be Careful CDs in his collection — Cez started DJing with a mix of the CDs we had brought and the dope vinyl in Gunther’s collection. We rocked a righteous reggae roots romp. Gogo, a great punk rocker from way back, and a longtime friend of Gunther’s, really wanted to hear Police and Thieves. We had never played it, but we tore into it anyways, and made Gogo come up and sing it — he had a great lazy sneer of a delivery.

guntherhouse.JPGCez and I went back to Corrine and Gunther’s house to sleep, but Ed, Gogo, Gunther, and Freddy stayed up late into the night talking punk rock and drinking Boxer Beers. In the morning we discovered that someone had stolen our stack of CDs — whoever you are in Oberageri that took our music, watch your back! The Karma Police knows about what you did and is on the lookout for your music-thieving ass.