myearishot.JPGThe Groovehouse, Dresden… last night of the tour. Despite having nearly lost my voice in Zwickau, and all of us being wrecked from the accumulated sleep deprivation and non-stop rocking, we were pumped up. We walked around Neustadt, the hip part of Dresden that had managed to survive the Allied firebombing. The neighborhood was full of life, crazy graf and art everywhere, lots of vinyl shops, restaurants of every stripe. One piece of renegade art declared “Mein Ohr ist ganz heiss” – “my ear is getting hot.” For sure.

groovestation.JPGOur host for the evening was Olaf, AKA DJ Barrio Katz — and what a great host he was. He runs a popular bi-monthly mash-up night at the Groovehouse, and we were his special guest band. In the early evening he put out a spread of meats, cheeses, salads, and chocolates in our room, then later took us out for another round of eating at a dope Vietnamese spot. The Groovehouse was filling up with revelers, and Olaf was warming things up with a brilliant mash-up mix of northern soul, latin grooves, and electronica… he must’ve gone through literally hundreds of tracks.barrioscienceWe took the stage at around midnight and kept the party jumping. We felt bad about playing a short set, but we had to stop after an hour or so — we needed to drive all night back to Amsterdam so the guys could make their next-morning flight back to L.A… We were sad about leaving in the middle of such a great party, the place was packed, and Barrio Katz had now moved into ultra-mash-up-mode, mixing up the classic ska and reggae with the most raging jungle and dubstep. Brilliant! We listened to Olaf’s beats as we quickly loaded up the van and packed in all our luggage. By 3 a.m. we had hit the road.

cominghome.JPGI took the first leg, driving for as long as I could manage to stay awake, then Freddy, ever the trooper, took us all the way to Amsterdam, making it right on time by 10 in the morning. We had survived: sixteen shows in seventeen days — a real trial by fire. And we knew we would be back someday. I said goodbye to Ed and Cez, who were returning to work the very next day, and headed out to Brussels, from which I would be flying on to Israel, to spend a week recovering in my grandmother’s care.