erfurted.JPG Q: What is this Fosforo you speak of?
A: Fosforo is a Los Angeles-based band that plays in a punky reggae jungle stylee. It is made up of Rafi Benjamin on vocals and guitar, Edwin Moses on bass and synth bass, and Cez-One on electronic drums — and sometimes \splice the schocker on samplers.

Q: What are Fosforo songs about?
A: Ummm, let’s see… chasing after imaginary enemies, dancing as a way of purging toxicity, the way desert plants survive with deep roots, love as opiate, los angeles.

Q: How do you make all those crazy sounds?
A: We start by making our own sounds using synthesizers and samplers. While many bands use sequencers to trigger electronic sounds, Fosforo triggers all its sounds live — without MIDI! We then process these sounds usings effects pedals — mostly delays, pitch shifters, and phasers, which are also manipulated live. In short: breakbeat science.

Q: Is Fosforo really big in Europe?
A: It depends on your defenition of big. For us, this was really big.

Q: What are your favorite bands to go see in Los Angeles?
A: Mezklah, Fitter, and Very Be Careful.

Q: When will you be in Europe again?
A: Hopefully in the fall or winter of 2007… if Chief Jezus Genious wills.


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